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The Leesville School District supports opportunities for all students to participate in all approved virtual learning courses. For 2023-24, Leesville is offering in-house Virtual Learning for students who registered by the deadline to declare for online classes. In addition, Leesville participates in the Missouri Courses Access and Virtual Program or MOCAP. Click below for more information about Leesville's participation in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual Program.

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Community Eligibility Provision

The Leesville R-IX School District is participating in a Free Breakfast and Lunch Program for the current school year 2023-2024. This alternative is referred to as Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). All students enrolled at this school may participate in the breakfast/lunch program at no charge. Household applications for free and reduced price meals will not be collected.

All meals will be served to all students at no charge.

Studies have shown that children who are not hungry perform better in school. By providing breakfast/lunch to all children at no charge, we can create a better learning environment for our students.

The school breakfast and lunch that we serve follows U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for healthy school meals. The Free Breakfast and Lunch Program cannot succeed without your support. Please encourage your children to participate in the school meal programs.

Public Assistance Directory

For any families in the District in need of information or assistance please contact the following staff.

Title IX Coordinator:  Dr. Reid,

Homeless Liaison:  Dr. Reid,

Compliance Officer:  Superintendent / Principal

Foster Care Point of Contact:  Mrs. Pals,

Virtual Education Programs:  and

Trauma - Informed Website: